What is Accountable Care?

It’s value-based, data-driven, patient-centered care that rewards quality over quantity

Accountable care is a concept for organizing and delivering health care that strives for:

  • Better care and incentive alignment to outcomes
  • Increased proactive, preventative health care
  • Access to the right care and a better, more effective patient experience
  • Lower cost

In accountable care, collaboration is key:

  • Clinicians share information across the continuum to coordinate care, apply evidence-based medicine and manage patient populations
  • Providers and payers collaborate to align incentives with mutual goals and — depending on the provider organization’s desired business model — establish gain-sharing and risk-sharing agreements
  • Patients take a more active role collaborating with their care team

How does accountable care differ from managed care?

Why should accountable care models succeed in transforming health care where managed care models did not? A few key characteristics of accountable care — and the current health care environment — make all the difference.


Get started on the path to accountable care with ACS

Our strategy is proven, comprehensive and transformative. If you're a provider considering implementing an ACO or simply want to introduce aspects of accountable care into your business model, we can help. Combine our solutions with your clinical expertise and reputation. Learn how we'll collaborate with you to successfully map and execute on your accountable care journey or contact us to get started.


"Regardless of where an organization is in its readiness, striving for better quality and better outcomes at lower cost is the right thing to do. We all deserve a better (and more accountable) health care system."

- Charles Kennedy, M.D., CEO, Accountable Care Solutions

Unlocking the power of population health management

Take a closer look at how our technology solutions help you manage populations and increase quality of care.

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